Hey mIRC Users! (2)

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags andamap author:meta_ing mapviewer mirc unrated
Created 2014-07-09
Last Modified 2014-07-10
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Description Do you have mIRC... and a whole bunch of maps randomly scattered throughout your computer, no idea what's what? Do you have a map that you've been meaning to submit, but you just can't find it? Don't you wish you could just skim through all possible map files and quickly see which one is which, all without having to open n and load each one one by one , and without having to leave the comfort of mIRC?

Well now you can! Simply load this script (in mIRC) [] (alt+r -> file/new -> paste script), press OK, and follow the onscreen instructions.
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cool idea

but I use hexchat :P

The URL's right

It links to the raw script, which you can copy and paste into the scripts editor of mIRC.
'coz I am getting a .php file.
Or is it the right file?


Demo Data

oh wow

ok bye


My computer can't handle the NReality IRC. (It's a particularly terrible computer...) It's also 3:00am here so I'm going to bed.

im already there

i wanted to talk to u by the way and if ur on facebook ud love to join the nreality page


ok but

what about the chat?????
hey why dont u come over to nreality irc right now itll be fun or u might wanna
go here
for external nreality irc
You can join #n, #n-mapping, and/or #n-highscores


Well, if you use this script you can browse through different maps on your computer... but it's not a built in feature lol.

i m there

but which channel should i join ingy XD?

ok ok

i got it now so basically mean mirc is a chat room thing with which u can browse through different maps right?
i have downloaded it with the link u gave im gonna check it right now to know what the **** is this lol sorry :D

You could

Assuming each map is in a separate file. (The script doesn't yet have support for multiple maps in a single file)

And yeah

NReality does have a built in IRC client, but for some reason it does not connect to the main Metanet network ( NReality's IRC is quite limited though, so I recommend getting a more feature-rich client (like mIRC).

What exactly are you confused about?

oh now i get it

u mean browse through map packs? right?


It's basically just a tool that lets you scroll through different .txt files (some of which may consist of (v1.4) map data that you saved at some point), and get a full preview of that map without having to load it in n.
but what is mirc and what is it used for its a lot more confusive than i thought :(

i dont get it

can u plz explain me what is it for and what actually is it thanks :D


And the script accepts maps in both tiles|objects and $###tiles|objects# formats.


This script does not currently support NReality, but I may get around to adding that one day.

Double click on the highlighted file to open it in notepad for quick and easy access to the actual map data.

If you encounter and bugs that have somehow escaped me, please let me know.

If anyone is able and willing to convert this to a language that is more cross-platform, please feel free to do so.