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Author Meta_Ing
Tags 232721-is-not-impossible author:meta_ing minimal psa tileset trust-me-im-a-meta unrated
Created 2014-06-18
Last Modified 2014-06-18
Map Data

Description Very quick tiles. You may do whate — This is a public service announcement:

Map 232721 [] is not impossible.

Thank you for listening. This has been a public service announcement We now return you to your regularly scheduled map description.
— ngs disabled.

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Barely faster
Demo Data

I just wish

Loudog, Daggafork, and James_S saw this map.
I was too tired to try it.
equally nice map!
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Slow run with macro's first half and slow and easier going back.
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Demo Data
second try speedrun in high fever mode!!! XD
Demo Data
did this speedrun in high fever mode!!! felling dizzy :D
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Yes Meta Ing

thats true its deceptive but its possible me and thunder both were able to do it