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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing sce simple-challenge simple-challenge-esque unrated
Created 2014-06-19
Last Modified 2014-06-19
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Description Because Daggafork [], James_s1_4 [], and LouDog004 [] all thought this map [] was impossible, I decided to make an SCE based off it.

I think the challenge is pretty self explanatory.

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Notice how I don't jump as soon as I reach the floor to see what I mean. Its not that easy to max this map.


Not its not Mohit.
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hai ingy

its been a while! :) Wanna make a make together? The only thing is I forgot my forum password :(
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i could never believe my biggest rival would be inspired by my level :D :P

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And no more 0th for me either, that was quick.


Compliments of the author.
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Sorry RD

No more 0th for you :P
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0th for now.
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