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Created 2013-11-09
Last Modified 2013-11-09
by 9 people.
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Description i chase your shadow like you chase his

This map was featured on 2015-05-07

The beauty of this map is how you don’t notice the weirdness initially. At first, you’re all like “I got this”, opening doors just in time for that drone to pass through.

And then it gets weird really fast.

The first time it happens, you’ll be dumbstruck for a second, then panic. The rules are out the window now – anything could happen! You’ll scramble, screw up easy jumps and almost definitely fail.

All that is part of the experience this map provides. You’ll come back to it, dying as often as needed until you finally beat this ethereal masterpiece.

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A lot to like here. :D


so good
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Fucking awesome.

AGD. 5/5.

I love how it starts out like a map where you just have to open up the switches in time and then suddenly the drone goes into the wall and you're like what.
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Also the simplicity felt really clean and stylish. Especially, the teleporters are smooth and I liked how you played out the drone blocking the exit/teleporter mechanics.

Does this count?

Did I die? I don't even-
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this is such a great map dude. Really . I reckon you're probably one of my favourite mappers
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i didn't really mind if you won or not


it is not fixed, i completed the map still..
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haha your first run

I originally stopped that but I took it out for some reason. I fixed it now

sub-1650 speedrun

this map has 'replayability' (idk if the word exists, but from now on, it surely exists)
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ha ha, LOL!

watch this run
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i totally love it..


progress. this was a pain to make []
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