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Created 2013-10-25
Last Modified 2013-10-25
by 12 people.
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This map was featured on 2015-04-04

I had never seen anything as frightening, as hideous, as wrong as that – that thing. I had only caught a glimpse, but its mutated body, its gaping maw and the bloodlust gleaming in its solitary eye had been enough for me. As I had run away in mindless panic, my only thought to get away from it, I had heard it slither after me, the malicious clicking of its teeth chilling me to the bone.

I now realised why this was called the Meat Locker.

I was locked in with it.

And I was to be its meat. — lifdoff

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thought I commented on this, epic map, really worthy of what lifdoff wrote about it
Excellent tileset.


seems like the verdict is unanimous. lovely review and map.

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godly map

i love it

Fun map

And great review.

Have a demo with a nice round number of frames.
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Improvable, but at least it's a run.
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genius map

cool review
Amazing review for an amazing map.

this map is absolutely perfect

I think this one here, you did it right! ;)

Yeah, I see, but fuuuuuuuu..! I don't know which version I prefer most now..

Ah ok,

Sorry, zoas vodka drunk.
look at the thumbnails

The position the Hot Page?