spelunker, extraordinaire

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Created 2013-10-05
Last Modified 2013-10-05
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please tell me how can I change the color of bounce block and thwumps?
Paint? or something big like Photoshop?
5/5 anyways..


the trapdoor itself has to be one tile up and one tile left of the doorswitch

I like this

This is probably one of my favorite image maps! Any image makes a map harder to play by distracting you, but here that's the point, and the enemies don't add so much difficulty that the map is impossible. It's still enjoyable and feels very atmospheric.


I didn't have a problem with the image at all. Thought it was great, the colour scheme was nice and murky. Plus mines lighting the place up was a cool idea. Making the ninja white was great too, makes him clear and feel a bit ghostly. My main problem was actually the gameplay down the bottom, especially the second drone area. You have to know to run and jump right away over that mine block to get in there before the drone does, and the style of gameplay there of that big leap seems a little uhhh.. unsignalled earlier in the map. I was trying jumps much more on the side of tense and awkward over grandiose leaps. It still works well enough, but that, as well as the leap to get the exit key and get up, feel a little out of place/clunky. But overally really liked this one a lot. The reencounter with the first drone was nice and tense. Good job! faved
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You should totally

go ahead and make sure those lines stay within the tiles, please. This plays horribly when the lines are on the outside... Just leaving it out here to rest for a bit, and you can look at it and go: "Yeah, I guess he's right." :*

But otherwise, this is one great map. I love the drones. This is choice, yo.

I dunno, 5?

Five maps per contestant seems good. I want a ton of maps.
I dont see what you alls problem is.
Its a fn map.
but caves don't have flood lights

*image not tileset..

tileset looks really epic, just a bit too dark..


i fixed a broken link and something i missed

Oh emm gee. An image map!? Insta play!

can't see anything, horrible color set.. :x


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