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Author apse
Tags action author:apse playable unrated
Created 2013-08-11
Last Modified 2013-08-11
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description a moa accepted map. someone tell me what tags i'm meant to put on this.

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icicle kir on walled summoned amaryllis


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clever use of that honeycomb(except drone shape) style pattern used a lot in n game. o_O
I didn't mean to be too personal with that Killing me softly song heh but that map really made me think of it. I guess I really rate maps which are like race maps but disguised
I want to see how i can fix it


awesome map, good tiles and fun gameplay.
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Just moa is fine, some people do moa-accepted, too. Fun stuff!


And i think he means the tags for identifying MOA accepted maps rather than normal tags, which i don't know sorry
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Ors suggested the tags well, i think..
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cool mappp

made this demo like years ago...:D
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Tags? action, holes, agd
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Good stuff - 4/5. The end jump was a bit of an unnecesary annoyance
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Oh, yeah...

I remember this! It's very cool!!