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Author apse
Tags action author:apse dsyitf playable unrated
Created 2013-05-30
Last Modified 2013-05-30
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Description better than nothing i guess. step 2 of 2 for dsyitf round 2.
also a birthday map!

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hits rihanna

wow that's low.

okay, hit me up with some tiles or junk. let's do this thing.
me that before. Or I seem to have misplaced that memory somewhere...
I don't study music as of right now. I play with my band, and we're making our own music, so in a way, you could say I'm studying my own creativity for a while.
We just 'recruited' a bass player for our band, as we started the project without one. So now we're 5 musicians in total.

But next year is going to be a crazy one... We're making and distributing our debut EP. And when that's done, we're going to be touring our little country of Denmark, selling the record.
I will make sure to tell you guys, when the record's out, so you can listen to it and buy it and whatever! :)

We're called Tea Trees, so you may find us on Facebook, if you'd like to keep up to speed with our everyday accomplishments. We're Danish, and not yet so international, so everything on our page will be in Danish, but in the near-future, you will be able to listen to our music and watch concerts and such.

But I plan on beginning a music study in a year or two, depending on how much success we'll have. :)
Also, let's collab.
Fuuuuuu NUMA... Anyway, happy birthday bro!!!