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I love you, mapping community! Nothing is ever going to take us apart! Except life, other communities, boredom, lack of ideas, etc...

Collabs with me:
Ii sro [] by me and woutery
Fidel [] by me and 1211

Location: Home, school or pub
Real name: Sorry, I don't remeber. =(
Birth year: 1999
Interests: Games, beer
Occupation: Not gonna lie I have one


Mapping style: I really like to use N-Reality because its possibilities rock. Nowadays I make maps only if I have unique ideas for it, aka probably never.

Sometimes I make N-Art, even though nowadays I use my N-Art program N-Artist v1.0 [] sometimes.

My Top 10 best maps []


100th map [] Sorry, I don´t have picture for blue factory, 100th map.

Map packs:
Klick bar to go download page.

This Is The Only Map:

This Is The Only Map 2:

Stupid NUMA dumpers:

Cool NUMA guys
woutery []: I really like his maps and N-reality stuff. Sometimes he seems the most clever guy in the world and sometimes the dumbest one. He can always surprise us!

R3D_N1NJ4 []: One of my favorite mappers. Nowadays he uses a profile called "Vanquish". He is a good and humoristic friend too. Thanks for mentioning me in your profile!

EddyMataGallos []: AWESOME high scorer and speedrunner. Doesn´t make maps very much but I enjoy his runs.

StreetsAhead []: Please play his races!

zoasBE []: A great and helpful quest at start and a good friend and mapper. I hope he doesn´t have problems with vodka.

123leonidas321 []: Cool maps by cool friend!

1211 []: Please see his races!!!

Apulse []: He has great ideas and cool multipathed races.

Mohit_Ghune []: Awesome and fun friend who has made me still make maps because of his feedback and help even out of NUMA. He is also an awesome DDA maker. Please see his speedruns too. He may be the best speed runner I've EVER met. Thanks for mentioning me in your profile!

macrohenry []: Great speedrunner and he can make good maps too.

jslimb []: Awesome N-Reality mapper and knows if something has been done, so he makes new maps with new ideas.

NyanCat_Polska []: He is a friendly mapper who has made a lot of videos of maps by me and other people.

DEDs to me: (At least the ones I have found)
Explore, be curious [] by the23
Systematic Turbo-Booster XXX [] by 123leonidas321
It's a Hailstorm! [] by Mohit Ghune

Interested about advanced N-arts? Get a link to N-Artist v1.0 here [].


My best N-Reality:




Evil Droniac's Station []


Me on N-wikia [] Thanks for Mohit Ghune!


Youtube channel:Ors2011 [].

N levels: Spin race 1-3 -Dowload link in description- []
N-Game 69.225 points in brain n-polism []
N map pack -This is the only map- Download link in description []
N-reality map -Path on air- Download link in description []

Recent Maps

Thumbnail of the map 'Perpetuum mobile, looping towerloop!' Thumbnail of the map 'Evil Droniac's Station [N-Reality]' Thumbnail of the map 'N-Movie, moving tileset!' Thumbnail of the map '[N-Reality]Les Aventures de Ninja' Thumbnail of the map 'Garden Trip' Thumbnail of the map 'The beauty of the sequence'
Perpetuum mobile, looping towerloop! Evil Droniac's Station [N-Reality] N-Movie, moving tileset! [N-Reality]Les Aventures de Ninja Garden Trip The beauty of the sequence