Rocket Dance

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Author Arctic_Pony
Tags author:arctic_pony featured kra playable rated
Created 2013-07-01
Last Modified 2013-07-01
by 14 people.
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Description my long overdue ded to Pheidippides [] for his completion on this map [], well done! you don't need me to tell you this, but his maps are pretty good, go play them.

This map was featured on 2013-07-20

So... you want a challenge? This map may look simple enough, but be warned, it wall call upon a skill-set not usually necessary to beat a map: rocket manipulation. Arctic_Pony's ruthless map
"Rocket Dance" will sharpen up your chimneying skills, and your rocket-dodging skills, because it's about to get hot in here. (Oh yes, it's tough.) — ska

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It's not about that comment haha. It's about around 100, all from different people haha. Thanks! Impressive demo. Between that AGD demo and the one below from Mohit_Ghune for the map, it's hard to choose my favourite.
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Yeah! When you have access the v1.4 link still exists, if you need it I can link it. Would be nice to see one of your concept maps again. The way you thought about the game was always inspiring.

come back!

This is like Kill the Rocket Dead []'s malicious cousin. I like the added challenge of performing the maneuver in a tunnel and multiple times, but I thought the first two levels was enough, difficulty-wise.

finally, after two shit maps, a good review


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It's grown on me a bit. But still. yeah. same issue. hah.
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but great idea, and very good map, definitely.
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thanks ska :)

Nice feature, this was genius.

everyone remain calm

update: now i have

oh no i haven't

faved it before it was cool.

and now i've banned ska for three days for misspelling jtbandes


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So damn hard but ingenious.


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Damn it

Haha, I'll post a completion soon
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yeah, i tend to get overzealous with maps like these. that's just my style though, i make them how i like them and hope it stikes a chord with others too. as fotf said, it's really all about preference. i do hope that it's enjoyable despite how hard it is, i find it very fun, but i'm a sucker for KRAs anyway.

thanks for the plays and comments, i appreciate it and forget sometimes how fun it is to make and submit maps and see how people like them :)


bastard of a map :P

but a great map conceptually speaking. The last tunnel is merciless alright ;d

best I've gotten

very cool idea, but I would have made it a little more forgiving... somehow. haha. But just preference. Really like the idea. Always nice to see maps like this that show new fairly new and simple ideas despite there being almost 230000 maps on numa alone.
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I got lucky

But there you go :)
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thanks script!

for those playing, it's a difficult map, but it is indeed possible and i know this because i've beaten it. if no completions are posted for a while then i'll put mine on here just to give an example of how it can be beaten. thanks for playing :)


simply wonderful. I haven't gotten past the last tunnel. Brilliant map.