Kill the Rocket Dead (Or, One Last Time for Hazel Kinder)

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Author Arctic_Pony
Tags author:arctic_pony concept featured rated simplechallenge
Created 2012-10-19
Last Modified 2012-10-19
by 11 people.
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Description playtested by trance, thank you!

getting back in the swing of things. alright, the basic idea here is instead of keeping the rocket alive, i wanted to create a map in which you have to kill the rocket in order to complete the map. here's how it turned out.

p.s. this is a remake of a map i made and quickly delisted a couple years ago because it was so cheatable. i still think it is cheatable, just way harder to do, so if you manage to cheat it then well done.

edit: couple more mines to prevent cheatability.

This map was featured on 2013-11-10

“…So far, you’ve demonstrated your strength, agility, and stealth, but a ninja must also be cunning and adaptive. With that in mind…kill this rocket.” Sensei walked to the controls.
The student tensed, incredulous. He stood on a raised glass platform encircled by mines; how could he kill a rocket here?? He tried to keep a level head.
“But Sensei, I’m trapped up here.”
“So you are.”
The student gazed at Sensei, searching for some hint of guile. Sensei gazed back. It was an impassive, penetrating look.
“Begin!” shouted Sensei suddenly, and a rocket blasted forward, sights trained on the student. — Nexx

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no jumps in the upper section
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I see

Of course, congrats on the feature :)


very well written review.


on the feature.

cool! thanks nexx!

five features... the 2009 version of me would never have believed it!

RedSpartan, just kill the rocket, that's all there is to understand man :)

And another frame

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I submitted this under the puzzle category. But, when I think about it, yeah, it's both innovative AND puzzley. Either way, congrats, A_P!

ha, i had no idea this was nominated until i saw your comments! that just made my day. thanks guys :)

1 frame faster. :)

I agree with ska.
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good luck with the nomination. I feel this is definitely one of the most innovative maps of 2012.
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This is pretty cool.
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Don't ever change it


Simple but well done and very tricky. <3
proper way
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that's exactly the cheat i was talking about aidiera

Awwww. :(

That would have been nice.
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I love it. I wanna go faster.
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how interesting. sort of curious about the cheatability though.


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...i managed to get here :P...
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still a bit meh.
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that would ruin the fun, xerces :P

thanks everybody for playing so far, i finally have some more ideas for maps so hopefully i can become a more regular mapper again. mostly concept/puzzle maps. this is my second map since coming back to mapping, so check out my last one too!



note: i have discovered that this map is in fact cheatable, but i'll leave it because the cheat is pretty fun to do as well. thanks for playing :)


...keep on shaving that time lol...
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...a wee bit faster...
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and I'm only lfaber...
I actually put you #1 speedrunner for the 2011 dronies...
I'll try harder.

That's for 5ure an artwork and a masterpiece!

no it isn't.

i've done it many times. try harder :)

awesome concept

but it is impossible to kill the rocket