Not for Blind People

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Author Arctic_Pony
Tags author:arctic_pony puzzle rated wowitsbeenalongtime
Created 2012-09-11
Last Modified 2012-09-11
by 6 people.
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Description hello again

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you found it, very well done macro :)


I think I found the route you were talking about one year ago. :D
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I had no idea you made all these great maps haha. nice one dude!
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thanks Nexx! :)

Holy crap!

Nice flipping puzzle! I love that there's more than one way to do it, so that if you can't find or pull off the chimney route, you can still slowly pathfind your way through the map.

Slower, non-chimney path:
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A ded map for you..


i've been high for like 148 hours i can't take this shit anymore

i think we're the worst team going into the playoffs (assuming)

but we also were that last year probably, it's all about momentum.

i really like what garcia did a couple days ago


Fun map Pony :D I don't think there's a frame left here macro, I've been killed by the lower drone several times for going too fast now.
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well done, macro.

that's one of the fast routes i had mapped out. i still have one that is faster though, i'd like to wait and see if anyone finds it.

also, thanks for playing everyone, i plan on making at least a couple more maps soon.

I found a faster route. I guess there's only 1 frame left.
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This map is amazing

you are amazing
It's frustrating.

Take it!

I'm assuming it's a little slow run, but I did it!
That switch is devilish. I enjoyed looking for routes and memorizing drone pats, I've been playing about 30 minutes. Thank you. A map very well done! This is one of the best welcomeback there has been a long time, and one of the least expected. I am delighted that you do things like that again. Keep doing this little collection of puzzles in N to take forever. You have ability to do so!
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i don't know why i thought i could complete one of your maps

not too hard once you explore it for a bit, hope it's at least a little enjoyable, i am very rusty.