Honest Man

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Author DaggaFork
Tags action author:daggafork leonidas playable unrated
Created 2013-05-16
Last Modified 2013-05-16
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Description collaboration with leonidas []

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I can not understand. I think you're missing something. The /only/ thing that moves maps in the hot page are the ratings, bad ratings down the map, good ratings up the map as you know, NOT comments. Comments are insignificant and have nothing to do with the movement of the map in the Hot Page. And since all my the23 maps as all my VODKALOVER maps has disabled rating, so I'm not making anything wrong. I always comment with my zoasBE account beacuse it is the account that I always use to give sort of feedback here and there and to post my highscore demos, also it's what I use when highscoring at NReality.

If you're even more curious, the23 and VODKALOVER are accounts for quite concise, clear and parallel projects as you can see, and insatiable account it is for the collab team. But I want to tell you a secret that Ive already said in many ocassions, all these three parallel accounts have disabled the rating ability by request, that means that flag and gloomp disabled the ability for me to rate with them any map, because I've asked for it to be honest, so I can't rate up my own zoasBE maps neither sniping with those accounts, just if you were curious.

Also, there is a problem with you for commenting myself with zoasBE instead of the23 in my maps regardless of the account they are?


well sir.

Are you going to post at NUMA all your REBORN pack?
At least post 'Arbitrary' I think it's cool, also, there are a broken link in your profile, your 100th map, just to you know. Cheers.
very very good. Rocket works super well, and atmosphere/tiles are super stylish. While that ramp and reverse jump into the top exit key area is very cool, i'm not sure the specificity of it 1. is clear enough or 2. fits in with more flexible pathed nature of the rest of the map.
Also while i like the top right gauss room, It's a lot more stop-start and feels out of place out of the flowy openness of the rest of the map.

Still, love this, really well done. the main section is brilliant
Demo Data

Good map

I've yet to even get a speed run though, that rocket is hard is damn tricky