Keeping things lively

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags 1211 author:im_bad_at_n dronie-nom ibanrace kra race rated
Created 2011-09-06
Last Modified 2012-12-30
by 7 people.
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Description A KRA race collab with trance (1211). The difficulty lies in keeping the rocket alive. Hope you enjoy!

I would also like to dedicate this map to trance as well. Why? Because it's his birthday!

Happy birthday trance! :D

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Agreed with destiny

Still cool though.


I apologize about that collab; I forgot all about it until about four seconds ago. I'll begin working on it again. :)
miststalker. killed at the finish.
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very improvable speedrun
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Demo Data

More demo/s come. :3


2 Frames (without dead).
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Reliability. I just can't get the rocket to survive a whole run. I once managed to get as far as the bottom left with it alive, but never further. However, the flow is awesome, and I saw your demo and the rocket survival is impressive in such a complex map. 4.5^


yay! I slowed down a bit before the very last launchpad, might have made a difference.
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love this!

even though the mine after the second rocket kills me a fair bit, this is still pretty unique and awesome

I'm on the phone. :D

.. and as soon as I say that I figure it out. But still die.
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Love the anxiety of having the rocket right behind me. I keep dying at this part though, probably not going fast enough. 5/5
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What a cocktease.
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keeping that rocket lively:
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