Little to None

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags action author:im_bad_at_n featured jumper mapdraft2 rated
Created 2011-03-25
Last Modified 2011-03-25
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description mapdraft round 2

Interstella (Tiles)
You may have between 55 and 555 'Five' tiles.

Cache-22 (Items)
22 Gold
22 Mines
22 Bounce Blocks

To Make Your Day Even Worse... (Booster)
1 Mine
1 Gold
1 'One' Tile
1 'Two' Tile

Top Heavy (Rule)
All of your tiles must be placed using either the A or S keys. 'E' and 'Five' tiles ignore this rule.

Check out what I had to work with D:

This map was featured on 2011-04-17


I seem to recall that there were issues with the last mapdraft feature, because it was a good map only in the context of the contest. But Little to None does not have that problem. It is simply a great map. I've never seen a mapdraft map that held together thematically and played so consistently.

After all, the ultimate goal of a mapdraft map is to "fit in" on the Hot Maps page -- and if it weren't for the description, you would never know iban had been constrained in his construction. Great job. — flagmyidol

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oh my god how did i just see that comment

oh my god

Thank you Luke

How embarrassing, it had been glaring me in the face the entire time. lol


can you be surprised that he only has one trophy virgin won from pillaging the southern isles? thats because everyone else is pillaged over and over again while other good vikings go ignored.

amazing AGD

snicker... man I am slow.
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and this is a prety good map too.
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Sub 1900

AGD :)
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palemoon for life-expectancy 2012


can you be surprised that he only has one presidency? thats because everyone else is inagurated over and over again while other good would-be presidents go ignored.

Lol gloomp

I just read the first 5 words, I then asumed you Grammer Nazi'd him :D


are you aware of this [] page

Slow AGD

How'd you find that out A_P? For the life of me I can't sort featured maps by the time they were featured, I can only sort them by the date they were posted.

Generally bounce blocks like these piss me off, but the placement here was perfect. I wouldn't have come close to guessing there were any constraints had they not been mentioned in the description/review.
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5 of the last 20 featured authors (including iban today) have just one feature. that ratio sounds about right, if maybe a little high, which tells us a large portion of features are going to those "good mappers" who get ignored. better authors get more features, which is the way it should be.
Also, I didn't get a chance to write one.:/

Damn, this is how you MapDraft.
Basically, if a person isn't getting featured, they aren't good. There are very few exceptions. If you want features, make better maps.
It seems to claim that "everyone else" gets featured, except for "other good mappers". For that to make sense you need clearly defined groups. Like, what is the distinction between good mappers and "other" good mappers? I assume I must be missing a vital piece of the puzzle, but it seems to me that in this context, there's no concrete difference between them. Are you saying that "everyone else" are good mappers that get featured except for these "other" good mappers you've failed to define in greater detail? Again, I'm sure I'm missing something, as there's not a doubt in my heart someone going by the name of "bigbird" is the sort of person who thinks through their arguments before making them public, but it seems like your statement makes no sense and is really stupid. Clearly not almost everyone else on the site has been featured, featuring hasn't been around nearly long enough. Furthermore, the entire thing is constructed as a complaint about good mappers getting featured instead of different good mappers. Now, maybe I'm missing the mystical wisdom necessary to understand that position, but it looks totally insane to me. You're really saying you don't like that people are featuring some maps you like instead of some other maps you like? Really? I can understand, although not agree with, people who complain because they don't like the maps that are featured, but I'm totally baffled by someone who likes the maps that are featured, yet still complains. Do you think you could try and explain why you feels that way to me? Because if you don't, I'm going to have to assume you're egotistical enough to be a fascistic dictator.


The vast majority of "good" mappers who don't get featured aren't actually good mappers.


can you be surprised that he only has one feature? thats because everyone else is featured over and over again while other good mappers go ignored.
is that he basically got unlimited tiles. it's well done but come on, who isn't going to win if they get that pack


That first pack is rad. I'd kill for that. 555 tiles? Fuck. Yes.


A nice map by mapdraft standards, but nothing special otehrwise. The bounceblocking has been seen many times before, and it is quite repetitive. I don't sense excitement, and it just feels substanceless.

That said, I like the gold patterning.




Life: you weren't on the IRC today or yesterday so I went ahead and submitted. Hope you didn't have a review already written.



I sent you a PM on the fourms. Nobody likes me there. Hehehehehheheehhhhhhhhhh. :D this is gonna be fun.

Do you want to collab? We don't have to use those tiles.


You said "continue with tiles"
I don't want them.. do you?

lol, you seriously got bad packs, I would've made something completely different, which is why mapdraft is so interesting :]
congrats on first place!


bah. This is a great puzzle map, even without considering the mapdraft factor.

(Dibs on 'The Mapdraft Factor' as a generic thriller novel title)
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One of the best mapdraft maps I've ever played.


Pretty fun, enjoyable, and interesting. 4.5^
bad about this map. 5aved.

sorry dude.

Almost everybody got poor packs.