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Author atomizer
Tags author:atomizer eyedrone nreality playable rated starfield
Created 2011-05-23
Last Modified 2011-05-23
by 29 people.
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Description a proof-of-concept implementation of the oldschool starfield effect in nreality. zero images.
use recent hardware for smooth ms/f.

sit back and enjoy your trip.

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I don't even know what made me bitch. I shoud remember the most important lesson on the internet:
The friends on the internet aren't fake even if you can't see them.
I'm really sorry for those. I changed the map description but can't remove my comment that I started with bithcing. I know you actually meant good with that

Even if you didn't see my dicky dones, I still want to be obvious for you and apologize.


You didn't post a map for the NTA contest.
Please contact your team and try to make one for this weekend ;)

Nreality Team Arena has began :)
Check your team here! []
make the ninja white:

sayko: "i was drunk. I will try to watch this when i'm drunk."

my rating brought it to 5 starts, hurray

but seriously, who doesn't rate 5? you jealous?


This looks and feels great!
It would be better if:
  • the ninja was white (to feel like an astronaut) and have infinite jumps

  • there was a very slow moving star layer at the back, it would improve the realistic feeling.

  • i was drunk. I will try to watch this when i'm drunk.
  • @mystro: i feel ya. I decided to leave it as a proof-of-concept rather than make the "real" map, because it is really easy to ruin the effect by putting any objects in foreground. Also, as you can see, I'm not a mapper and it could easily end up as another mildly shitty map. (there is an exit, though, so it is "playable", but not in a straightforward way.)

    @lsudny: I dunno how one would actually "expand" it (if you didn't mean "make it a real map"). This map is just a friendly reminder to all the NReality hackers that they have infinite number of types of eye drones at their disposal. These types can be modded individually, which can be broadly used in animation / nart.
    Pretty cool.

    this is cool but would be awesome if you made the ninja white and modded the gravity so it was as if he was an astronaut. Also putting a door and maybe a if it was a "shooting star"....Ya feel me? (not my idea....but still a great idea)

    This is awesome

    So awesome. So. Awesome.
    i love it

    lags for me

    but it's totally genius, congartulations.

    Needs more tardis.

    But seriously, this is really cool.

    Like, really, really cool. Great job.
    doesn't lag for me, and looks cool. you should expand it!


    this is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!! it only lagg in the beginning (massively), but smoothes out pretty quikcly :)
    try making it so the "stars" act like mines so you die if you touch them! :P
    anyway 5/5 and faved for the new-thinking! :D (at least i haven't seen it before)