Claire De Lune

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Author karmap0lice
Tags author:karmap0lice unrated
Created 2011-04-24
Last Modified 2011-04-24
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Description I am Dave! Yognaut

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I'm not that much inspired, too. lol Here's a start though.


Would you like to collab?
but I stumbled upon an unfinished collab of ours that got off to an extremely sexy start!! And want to finish it with you.

Can you come back?

NUMA's been revived.

I fought a guy named karmap0lice on TF 2 once.

simon and lewis are jesus and christ. They are the funniest motherfuckers ever!@!!!@

Pretty good

So how have things been here on numa
I seem to have regained some of my inspriration
(And apperently lost my spelling skills)

Hey Karma

Remember me?

High fiiiiive!

*High five*
so what I mean I can't beat the usermade column, of the normal N
or should I?

thanks for all the comments :]


At the first look i thought it's so hard, but when i touch the launchpads, i realized ^^

Really good.
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Seems cool enough.

I love your launchpad experimentation lately.

I knew there was another frame there!

There's few left in the AG too!
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that sure was fun while it lasted.
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At first I was like 'this is impossible' and then I was like 'boing boing boooooooooooooing'
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I hate it.

I hate it 'cause it's too good.