Pride and Shame

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n ibanrace mountain race rated
Created 2011-01-13
Last Modified 2011-01-13
by 8 people.
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Description The only inside-the-mountain race I made that has me self satisfied. If the flow confuses you use my demo to help. It's medium difficulty, but not as hard as a couple of my races have been.. just jump as hard as you can into the sky portions and be as fast as possible in the bottom left and you'll be fine. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Perhaps on v2.0 it's different (if you're using that), or something else. I generally try to get a demo up on nreality, so check there too perhaps.
No one's AGD seems to be working, or is it just me? IBAN, your AGD works if I:

- convert the 6-Q tile on the left to the entrance back underneath, just before the launch pad (far right on the map) to a 6-W tile;
- deleting the mine on it.
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But still, I appreciate all races. I know they are very difficult to make.
(At least for me) 4/5


God damn I want to punch you sometimes, koipen.

Bad race.

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There's a lot of annoying parts, like the mine near first jump or the first loop where you have to be really precise to not lost the flow.

Sorry... 2.
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The reason the mine was originally there was to force a wait for that jump, but instead of the mine I edited the tiles so the jump would be smooth without the wait.

Remove this mine:

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Demo Data