Industrial Complex-ity

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n ibanrace industrial projectrace2 race rated
Created 2011-01-07
Last Modified 2011-01-07
by 6 people.
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Description It's taking me at least 10 tries to make anything I am satisfied with these days.

For project race 2. Theme 'industrial.' Note: No gold because no industries that I know of (except gold mining and jewelry stores) have gold just lying about, or indeed floating about.

I hope you enjoy this.

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No gold is an invitation for cheaters! I can see why you went with no gold though...

really well themed/tiled. Race itself is solid.
Demo Data
everyone has problems with that floorguard when I thought it was pretty easy... all you have to do is hold right all the way through that section and it'll never kill you. Hold right when you enter the area, as you hit both launchpads, as you go over the floorguard, and as you jump into the quarter loop down into the launchpad for the next area. Simple hopefully :)
I don't know what everybody is talking about. 5/5.

Not bad.

Looks unpolished like koipen said, though.


Thee whole thing looks and feels very unpolished and messy. The aesthetics are bad. The enemies are all over the place and the first floorguard almost always killed me.

That said, I like the first two jumps from the first launchpad (apart from the enemies).

1 or 2
Demo Data