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Author epigone
Tags action author:epigone playable rated shootout
Created 2010-11-06
Last Modified 2010-11-06
by 8 people.
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Description Submission for the shootout contest. Good luck to everyone who enters.

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Glad you all still enjoy playing my maps.

I agree

that you can play each room relatively the same way, each time through, provided the chainguns are in the same place. I wasn't sure about the very first lot of gold though. The very last chaingun surprised me the first time, and was a very good addition.
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Everything here works. I'm just not sure that's enough. I mean, it was fun, and I 4'd it, but it's lacking something I can't put my finger on. It's the way I feel about a lot of my own maps nowadays. When you've been around the game so long and know it so well, it's hard not to approach it like a technician. Know what I mean?

That's a really good comment. Playing this was trial and error -- it was like each room gave you a checkpoint, where once you finished you knew you could always do it again.

Chains are my favorite enemy because you can play with such a rhythm when they're involved.


No way I would nail an AGD

Brilliant fun, the more I played the more I liked because you could start building a plan around the chainguns.
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nice map, the more I played the less I liked it, but still really good
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I liked dodging through the chainguns and all, but I don't really see this as a top fiver, per say...

Meant to add, would you like another collab sometime this month?

Really functional map. I feel like this is exactly what you set out to make.

Haven't beaten it yet, kinda frustrating.