I'm not who you think I am

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Author epigone
Tags action author:epigone playable rated
Created 2010-08-11
Last Modified 2010-08-11
by 8 people.
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Description I spent a long time trying to figure out what to do with the large middle area. I'm still not sure I'm entirely happy with it, but jumping up on the bounce blocks is fun. The top area is inspired by a map in astheoceansblue's SUNSHINEscience map pack.

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BBs were fun :]

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Faster AGD

121.250, 5aved.
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Nice tiles, I think the big room felt a bit empty, I loved the chainguns for some reason, but overall, very good map. 4.5v
I didn't like the doors on the floor of the big room though, and the chainguns were excessive ( i know you were going for something specific but i don't think it was worth it). Top floorguard tunnel was magnificient.


I like this, it was fun playing around with the chainguns.

Do I get anything for first agd? :)
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