Sancre Tor

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Author epigone
Tags action author:epigone muse numacon playable rated
Created 2010-06-13
Last Modified 2010-06-13
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description My second submission for June's Numacon.

I felt like many of the maps overlooked the "lonely halls" bit of the review, instead creating epic caves. What I've done here is try to create a feeling of vast halls in a foreboding ruin. Not much resides here, giving it a lonely atmosphere, but the ancient guardians of this tomb don't relinquish their sacred treasure freely.

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i do agree with atob in that its design is a little generic, but i don't feel that that should have an impact on the final ranking for this. fun to play, and surprisingly flowy. nice job.

the gauss

is a reeeeaaal bitch.

me too


I would have faved it if you hadn't made it so incredibly hard to get onto the second floor. otherwise a very well-balanced map, loved playing it again and again (but got stuck before ascending)...
is to use the thwumps to squeeze and pop up. I almost didn't even add the trap door, but I figured some people might not figure out how to do that. The trap door is meant as a difficult alternative route. It's not the intended method of getting to the second tier.
Not sure whether those were intended, though. Still nice.
It flows wonderfully. That trapdoor jump is still daunting, but I've figured it out a bit. Still, it's a spike in the difficulty of an otherwise very well-rounded map. And while the whole arch motif may be a bit played, this strikes me as one of its better applications. The gameplay is (mostly) smooth and balanced, and the thing looks quite nice - I was totally taken in by the thumbnail. All in all, solid map. 4'd.


One of the better overall interpretations, imo, bnut the level itself is lacking. Bland and repetitive play (the arch/mine/gauss thing is so generic) with annoying hidden enemies.

Those thwumps really need a warning of some kind.

Beautiful map with a clear aesthetic concept. Play later.
This is pretty cool. But I hate getting up to the second half of the map, especially with that thwump. 4/5
First impression: Man, that first jump off the trapdoor by the chaingun is nasty. Unless I'm doing it wrong.

Those gausses

way difficult. :S
however, the thwummps didn't spark me too much. also, getting up to the upper stage is quite frustrating at times.

tiles are excellent.


I think the two things that have been neglected are "it starts out unobtrusively enough" and "soon there is no turning back"

Both of which you handled perfectly here, by the way :3