Tallon IV

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Author epigone
Tags action author:epigone metroid playable rated
Created 2010-08-10
Last Modified 2010-08-10
by 7 people.
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Description I've been very busy lately, but when I have free time I've been playing Metroid Prime and this map is influenced by that fact. I'm a bit rusty, but its pretty fun.

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and kinda

speed. awesome.
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so fun!

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this really is

so good.

goooood map

the trapdoor jumping part is my favourite. it's cool having to make leaps of faith across a vast mine filled chasm.
i can see the inspiration from metroid as well. great game.


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I decided to sit back and relax on this map, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, great work!
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So I improvised.
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I cheated.
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I wanted you to search to find the one key, and I wanted to reward exploration. From your comment, romaniac, it sounds as though I've done just that. I hope the hidden key isn't too annoying, it was a debate for me to add it or not.


Loved this. Very flowy. 5aved.
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Very nice.

I especially like how you manipulated the rocket into following you from the two right-hand areas. It sees you, than by the time you leave that bit, the rocket has arrived to kill you.

The hidden door was a bit of a pain. Funnily enough, I went that way on my first go, but because my sound is off, I never noticed the door. And I did manage to make it up the top without getting the doors, by jumping through the mines up on the right. Makes for a good speedrun route.
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