Starwood Dilly

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Author epigone
Tags action author:epigone muse numacon playable rated
Created 2010-06-02
Last Modified 2010-06-02
by 8 people.
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Description Submission for June's numacon. Doesn't have any fancy images or nReality gimmicks. Just straight up good times.

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Demo Data


I'll try again tomorrow
Demo Data

Thanks for the comment :D

I really like this map.
Posting demo tomorrow


Good map, and matches the muse review very well
However, I struggle to see the difference between Nreality 'gimmicks' and glitch 'gimmicks'.

Honestly, you're simply gimping your creative potential if you don't experiment with nreality every now and then. And the mods are only gimmicks if you rely on them alone at the expense of a well rounded map.

All Nreality mods do is give you more objects to play with, if you do it in a tidy and balanced way then what's the problem?

Anyway, this is a really solid map, if a little obvious in design. I especially loved the drone area at the bottom.


Wow, man. Liked the structure and the areas with drones and chains double-teaming you.

Most of it seemed sort of uninspired, but faved regardless cuz when it was good it was great.

I like this.


shown here.

But that adds to the review likeness factor. 4aved
Demo Data

Quite fun

i forgot this could happen. But you could always avoid the switches.
Demo Data

Well crafted.

The hidden enemies added quite the challenge.

really fun

faved so I can get an AGD later
you'll notice some fun little hidden enemies, lots of tempting gold, and a treacherous point of no-return. Will you venture deeper into the caverns to collect every last bit of gold?