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Author usaswim
Tags author:usaswim enemies mines race rated rocky tileset
Created 2010-01-16
Last Modified 2010-01-16
by 36 people.
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Description Who says race maps can't have close calls and still be fun? Took about 1 hour to make, 1.5 hours to playtest. Playtested in various speeds to ensure you can't die unless you FBF like a god. I hope you enjoy it! Dedicated to all the people who love my maps :)

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Tooke m a while to get this score. I rarely like races but I like this one
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Fun race :D
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I didn't like how much you have to wait in order not to get killed by the last drone, but other than that the flow is great ;)
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muy bueno


almost flowy

my 2nd try...
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fun race

the flow wasn't outstanding.. but the drones were.

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But i love you, so I'm going to give you a 5 :D

I just knew you still had it!
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the enemies were the best part. they were timed pretty well. and you did a nice job of making the flow intuitive enough that the enemies fit right in. other than that it was average. oh, and the gold was good too.

no offence

but im suprised this got so much attention. the flow was great and really made a fluid experience. aesthetics werent the best, but those enemies were great. 4.5/5

Easy is refreshing once in a while. Reminded me of the way old-school races were easily routed, except here the tiles pulled everything together beautifully.

*checks the author*

So that's why it reminded me of old-school.

fastest speed

on nreality

cant get below 900
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this is really cool

i loved how it was fun and fast to play and not stupidly punishing whenever you mess up.

great race .. :D

great flow..
great enemyplacement..
5/5! :D
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I'm sorry, I couldn't resist, but it was very tricky to pull off :P
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Loved it, and not stresful or hard.
I wish you had subbed it before dronies... this would've been great.
and i actually hate races xD


5aved because this was great.
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bad ending...

sooo nice... 4.5/5
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First try.

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Very easy race map

but so very cleaver and tileset was amazing. great job 5
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very nice

i loved every bit of it. the laser drone didnt do much though, but that doesnt matter. 5 for sure
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I hardly

ever complete races but I think I did good for my standards 5aved
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Easier than I thought it was going to be. Really liked the drones.
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imo perfect

Kinda easy, but props on the close call synchronization.

First try AGD
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was rly nice.
but, i felt very cramped,
also, the aesthetics seemed quite rough,
not saying i couldve done better though xD


just one fluid race =)


I'm being

really nice race. It's interesting how few walljumps there are here, does that make a better race??
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Complete demo almost done.
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I was nearly afraid of the thwump section.

first try

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A little bit faster

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Out of curiousity, /Meta wonders how fast is possible on this.
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Could be faster.
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