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Author muggle102
Tags action author:muggle102 hard tileset unrated
Created 2009-12-10
Last Modified 2009-12-10
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Hope SeventhSpirit likes this, cause if he doesn't, this gets delisted. Anyways, N got lost in a giant garden, and has to find the way out on a thorny vine. Thanks to Metanet for the tiles.

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Sawlance sad.

Muggle102 not being a good friend.
Except delist the map. I've been sniped on every other map. By the way, been giving you most of your ratings.


=/ =\
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Thanks guys!

Thanks SS! Might not want to help sawlance now, since he basically dissed you.


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I'm helping him. And I don't really rate maps very often, so don't say I did. His maps have *most likely* been sniped.

As for the map...

Nice improvement! It's really good, just don't clammer gold together. make the gold spread out. Other than that, it's very good. 4/5

Credit Metanet for the tiles in the description


Are you stalking my maps?!
I'll try it, but don't delist it. All SS has given you are bad comments and possible bad ratings.