Pirates of the Bloody Carribean

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Author muggle102
Tags action author:muggle102 gold hard mines playable rated
Created 2009-12-09
Last Modified 2009-12-10
by 8 people.
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Description Throw 'em in the brig! In this piraticious (if that's a word) battle, N is captured by a band of pirates after an undersea treasure. Can N escape, steal the treasure, and survive, or will he be killed in a glorious escape attempt?


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Four star I've ever given you. The rest are fives.
Really? And I thought you were my friend!

hi j- muggle102

4 star, would be three but it is your first map.

Just finishing a map with something new... n teleporting.

gold over mines

whats the fun of no traps. did you get past the guards? How?

Welcome to NUMA.

We always apreciate new mappers so that we can share our wisdom. This (for a first) is good, but it is usually better if you make regular maps to get a good start in community.
When making maps, start with a tileset-the purple blocks- then place objects. Mapping tends to come out easier like that. Any questions, just ask me.


pretty good for a first map. Just don't hide mines under gold, that's annoying. 4/5