Towers of Gauss 2

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Author muggle102
Tags action author:muggle102 gauss medium mines unrated
Created 2009-12-10
Last Modified 2009-12-10
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Once again, the Castle of N has been captured by raiders. This time, they got smart and locked him up in a far away tower. Too bad they didn't study up on walls! Get back N's scattered treasure and take back the throne!

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Lightning55 Sawlance says to tell you to shut up he has been playing for 5 years and is trying to help me with ratings. That's what he said. I swear.


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Way too easy sawlance. Listen to seventhspirit. He hasn't been around that long, but he's got a good idea of a decent map. I'd say the best way to improve is to get IRC and ask for others' opinions.
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Thanks a bunch, spirit! I know that sawlance isn't being a help at all. Comment on any of my maps to give me advice any time you want!


you two better look around the place before posting another map. Maybe get the feel of the place, cuz your maps aren't as good as everyone else's right now. I'm happy to help you though. Anything you need, i'll help you.


still five star, but I don't know if its better. Definately harder. I don't get the point of climbing the roof to unlock the door.

Map Info

Sequel to Towers of Gauss. Hopefully better.