Towers of Gauss

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Author muggle102
Tags action author:muggle102 gauss gold medium rockets unrated
Created 2009-12-10
Last Modified 2009-12-10
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Oh, no! N has been captured by enemy raiders and put in their castle as a prisoner! But, stupid raiders, the castle of N is next door! He just has to escape and break into his castle... avoiding the evil homing king and GaussGuards!

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sorry wrong demo. there.
Demo Data

max? good map 4/5 and faved, just cut down on the mines.
Demo Data

Done again

Tried to just stay on not die but not win.
Here's a five.

Thanks for the tips

Thanks for the tips, guys. Since i'm just starting, I really want you to be extra critical of my maps so I can know what to do.

Cool map.

Don't need all of the mines. About a fifth will still kill you anywhere.
Still an awsome map. Died because I wasn't looking about... 5 times.
Demo Data

Don't use Z-snap

Unless YOU REALLY KNOW what your doing. You however don't.