did you ever want to know me?

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Author scythe33
Tags author:scythe33 dda kradda nonplayable rated tileset two-way
Created 2009-10-31
Last Modified 2009-10-31
by 53 people.
Map Data

Description no launchpads, no gold delay, no fancy propulsion, no glitches, no other enemies: just the ninja, the rocket, the tiles, and the doors.

Two-way -- hold left, hold nothing -- totals 900 frames and 20 times through the wall. Title from Silent Steeples by Dispatch.

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my vote

for dronies dda
this dda is extremely sensitive; one frame off *will* kill you, so make sure you're holding left *before* you press the spacebar.


Holding left isnt working for me, i die at the start... [] Has no objects either.

its amazing

how you body parts get teleported at the end when he gets hit
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with the combination of my demo and oakstreams demo, 155 might be possible
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Seriously? Just look at Clifty's maps.

Or maybe search KRADDA?


at what point has someone made something like this? i've not once seen anything at all like this done; otherwise this never would have been made.

I see

the concept here, but I think you might need to make it a bit more... I dunno how to say it... Well anyways, It's a good level, and I give you 4.

Not a fan

This has been tons of times, and it hasn't been done any better in this map.


its amazing :) 5/5 love it

The left route is far more exciting.


ive never seen a no propulsion DDA! aewsome!


definately doesnt deserve anything below a 4.

@ fbf -

Try looking at the tags.
Then try playing the map.


Should have expanded the hold nothing.3/5
why this map is so popular/and has so many ratings?
I mean all I see is a very boring/ugly tileset and a

cool yes

fastest<-- yes
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This is cool!

Tied AMLT.

Well, I don't think I've ever seen a two-way kradda cave-style, so props. Both the sides themselves are about 3, but together a 3.5 up.

Hold left is the best.
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this is great

very cool ;D

nice work

the hold left one

is damn cool. And I just love the minimalist idea.


Demo Data

Very cool

I like the idea of simplistic no propulsion dda's saying its the best ever is a little far though. Nice to see you're somewhat regularly making dda's again.







I'm with romaniac

Loved it. 5aved
but i do love the close call at the bottom of the hold nothing

ive seen better

but still very nice.


I loved it!


great work 5/5 and even more (:

@ Tileset_Maker

You're missing the point.




But very boring.


Holding nothing is pretty bad; at least more enemies would be nice

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