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Author scythe33
Tags action author:scythe33 flowy mapdraft open playable unrated
Created 2009-04-23
Last Modified 2016-09-29
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Description Produced for the MAPDRAFT competition by PALEMOON.
Demo included, but here's a spoiler: get the gold. First agd that beats mine will get a dedi if I ever make another map.

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more importantly

it's good that the map has one route for agd's and one for speedruns. on that note, mine was faster, so suck it.
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i knew that was possible; didn't actually make the level any easier, though, so it wasn't worth changing.

speed .. :)

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So unforgiving...

The slightest mistake, and boom, you're done. I really don't like that about this map. The way you used the tiles and object alloted to you was great, though - I assume you had that one noob pack where you have to have three trapdoors under gold? - especially the oneways, when you had so many of them.

Considering that, I'd say this is a solid 3.5.


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