if you die will i get word that you're gone

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Author scythe33
Tags 3021-frames author:scythe33 dda no-launchpads rated rockets watchitwatchitwatchit
Created 2009-08-23
Last Modified 2009-08-23
by 26 people.
Map Data

Description will i hear it in passing conversation? /
will i stop short and fall to the ground? /
distance is short when your hand carries what your eye found. | Partially KRA, mostly not. More kinds of propulsion than you can shake a stick at, including locked-door-on-normal-door, which I haven't seen anywhere in years.

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5aved too


school got in the way; in fall '06 i entered junior year of high school and haven't really caught a break since.

Why did you stop

making ddas you did loads in 2006 (I watched them all even it I didn't comment and loved them) and then you didn't make one till now why
but nice job on the length. My favorite part was that thwump tower-loopish bit - that was very impressive.
The space immediately around the ninja got pretty inactive in the last 500-1000 frames.

very nice...

5aved XD


that's probably because you played it in debug, which pauses when you click out of the map
you should watch bluenin's old stuff.

This is not


several close calls


first time i saw it

a drone NaNed on me... but i fixed it =D

awesome job... i recognize the work it takes to make ddas and n-arts, so i know that this deserves a 5aved =D.

great work especially on the length... making a dda 3000+ frames is difficult (no room) plus even more time consuming.

5aved =D


Halfway through I got bored and started watching the Simpsons. When the commercials came on I looked back and it still wasn't done.

Good job with the length - I've never seen something near as long - but it was, honestly, kinda boring after a while. And a bit repetitive. :|



Demo Data

No me

Demo Data

Demo Data

Sooo good

this is epic best in ages


Somewhat boring in the middle.


Demo Data


Demo Data

166 frames

Demo Data


nice work with the length.

My favourite bit was down in the bottom left with the thwumps.
Pretty good DDA

this is

one of the better DDAs i've seen here

Oh wow

when the thwumps launched the ninja to the left so far that he went through the tiles i was like o_...

and the fact that it's over 3000 frames is in itself somewhat of an accomplishment. 5