Get Behind Me Satan

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped featured hard nkb playable puzzle rated thwumps
Created 2009-10-31
Last Modified 2009-10-31
by 24 people.
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favorite map of my pack, love the looks and play. :<

This map was featured on 2010-04-02

Get Behind Me Satan proves to be map set in hell. The gameplay feels uniquely eerie, as nothing is moving - no drones. However, one can just hear the crisp hellish flames burning once the ninja makes its first jump.
As eerie and quiet the map may be, the player is always forced to move quickly, as the brilliant thwump placement dictates the path the player will take. One has to act fast if he or she is to escape the spooky scene. — T3chno

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Someone else likes the White Stripes!

This gameplay is awesome weird. Tiles are great and compliment the gameplay, even if it doesn't look like it.

Halloween '09

It's like it was made by Valve - every aspect is so polished and well thought out.

This map scares me.

In a good way.


Why would you remove the thwumps and put in lasers or gausses when the map is a puzzle and focuses only on the mechanics of thwumps?

some parts felt a bit frustrating (yet interesting) while others were just fun, flowy and satisfying. Therefore it's a quite differing map for me, but it gets bonus points for looking gorgeous and atmospheric. 4,25 :s


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Loved the review. The map has great aesthetics and tiles. But I found the gameplay stale and disinteresting. You could remove a lot of those thwumps and put in a couple of gausses and maybe a laser. I'll give you a 3.5.



It didn't make me say: "wow, this is f***ing brilliant!", but it's OK. 3^
got most of the gold. I love the thwump mechanics, and the way you can get stuck in so many places.

Found a way to get the switch in the middle top without the thwump.
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And the thump-timers. It's just the squeeze to the exit swtich that I wasn't crazy about. 3.5

Wonderful map.


what about it?

Nice review.

Didn't enjoy the map.

Crazy map dude.

Nice one.

Oh shit.

Well, this is an irrefutably terrifying map. Props.
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is not in my map pack. thanks.

or something satan

i forgot



I thought I was the only one that named maps after music.


Thanks, Seneschal.


don't let the size of my comment mislead you, I really liked the map!

Ok, maybe I won't

While most hard maps are frustrating to complete, I found that there were two spots in this map that were unnecessarily so, imo, both involving mines. It’s hard to explain which ones I mean, but I’ll try to explain anyway: .tThe first one is on the right hand side of the bottom middle section, on a two-tile above a five-tile. Every time I failed getting the jump off the e-tile, which was quite often, this mine killed me. While this isn’t a major annoyance, it would have been nice to have had a second chance!
The second mine is also in the bottom middle section, above the chain of six gold pieces. The jump out of the narrow exit in this section would normally be relatively easy, but with this mine it becomes very tricky. Given that this jump needs to be performed after getting through the whole of the rest of the map, it becomes even more aggravating than normal. By this point, I felt as if I’d completed all the hard bits of the map only to be presented with an even tougher challenge: it sapped my enthusiasm for trying to complete the map. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit; basically, I found that these two placements were too frustrating for my liking.

That said, the map is exceedingly clever, especially the thwump mechanics, and very well designed. To top if off, it looks fantastic. An excellent map!

(I’m a little annoyed because my computer deleted this comment first time round, so I had to type it out all over again D:<)

your seriously

good map makes your tiles are amazing and your object placement was pretty good 4

Faved for later

Because I /will/ Agd this; I had an AGD-1 without looking at your demo, but I died on one of the mines ;_;


really sloppy, only look if you can't find your way..
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Blue Orchid

is my favorite from the album.
I was loving it up until that squeeze part, and then I got incredibly confused. Then I looked back on the thwumps from that start and they made a whole lot of sense rather than just a aesthetic flair. Really clever, and the tiles are fantastic too and look like some convolving landscape.

It's safe to say this is my favorite map in a long time. Great job man.

This is brilliant.

Eerie thwumps and a solid challenge.