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Author rocket_thumped
Tags action arena author:rocket_thumped easy featured nkb playable rated
Created 2009-10-25
Last Modified 2009-10-25
by 15 people.
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disco super fly..

This map was featured on 2009-11-14

Copacabana is an exercise in restraint, tact and simplicity from one of our greatest authors. Instead of thrusting an epic at us, rocket_thumped had given us a playground where we make the rules, and the fun. Many authors, including me, have tried to pull off something so refined yet diverse, and have failed. Here's to a man who can achieve all of these things, without being atob. :)

Also, the reason I'm featuring this so early is to promote rocket_thumped and friends' exceptional map-pack, “never knows best”, in time for the dronies. Make sure you give it a look through. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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You know

I've been off and on here and I liked the chance to see this map. I'll play it some other time as I'm quite restricted in time now.

7 features

wow, congrats rocket_thwumped =D

i liked the review, liked the map, like rocket_thumped.

yeah. good.
Of course, it would have taken awhile me not being a reviewer.
Except the dronies would have been over by then. -_-

that was

just plain awesome. now i know why you on my fav authors list.

chasers=dancers tiles=dance floor gold=disco light and rocket=evil DJ!
Why don't you give time for people to forget the map?

Having said that, this map is fantastic. Simplicity, Enjoyment, Saying Fuck every time you die...

I love it. Great choice GTM.


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faster than life itself, nice stuff
Demo Data

sub 700 agd

i think this map is played out now.
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Fun-mazing. 5aved.
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I was just joking.

Your really good at N btw.


if you like speedruns may i suggest this route:
Demo Data


Demo Data


i didn't even notice you had posted between my second and third comments.
i meant that i felt the first agd i had posted was slow, since i knew i could do better.


dont go makin fun of it. :( It took me forever to do.

No fair scythe

you used that black magic trickery stuff. Like double jumping. Cheater.
If you want me to stop, just say the words.
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Demo Data


Fastest AGD
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didnt see you scythe
these AGDs are becoming spam. Fastest yet
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also fastest agd

Demo Data

trivial speedrun

Demo Data

Like so...

Demo Data


this one is completely ligit
Demo Data
wouldnt really be wrong
Demo Data


Had I gotten that key this would have been much faster.
Demo Data


Demo Data


Sub 900 might be possible. Im not that good at N. I just find good paths.
Demo Data

Sub 1000

If I ever become a reviewer I am going to feature this.
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just barely beat you. AGD
Demo Data

An ok AGD

I love these types of maps. Amazing gameplay. 5aved
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sorry lord_day D:

effing died at the end.
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