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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore bitesized dda rated
Created 2005-11-10
Last Modified 2005-11-10
by 398 people.
Map Data

Description Yet another tileset-based DDA from yours truly, nevermore. You can find the original tileset here:
I must admit, it's not as long as I might like it to be, I wish there were less launchpads, and there's too much gold delay.
That said, I'd like to comment on a few things. First of all, I didn't include zap drones because I decided that they're too easy. Not only don't they lag a DDA up, their movement is very straightforward, and it's simple to avoid them. I was really looking for a challenge with this one.
About the two extraneous rocket launchers - while first creating this DDA, I actually expected to lure those rockets out. However, this didn't prove to be easy, and when it came to the point when I realized that wasn't going to happen, deleting the rockets messed with the other enemies, ultimately ruining the DDA.
I think I included a wide range of propulsion methods. I wasn't able to include normal door propulsion, because when I put a door in, it would cause one of the enemies to lose track of the ninja, thus messing up the DDA. As I set out to make this one, I didn't intend to use any launchpads. I gave that up after a little while.
The first launchpad made for an incredible chaingun close-call, which I decided was worth the launchpad. To be honest, I only put those other launchpads in because I found no other way to propel the ninja, and still keep in a close-call here and there. I tried to use most of the launchpads more than once, to even it out, but a few were only touched once. Plus, this is a fairly small DDA, and with those it's quite difficult to keep it going for a long time, keeping the enemies active, and not using launchpads.
About the gold delay. I despise it in DDAs. I was quite ashamed when I realized I had no choice but to use it in this one. As the arena got more and more cluttered with trapdoors and the like, it became impossible to place a form of propulsion in a place that the ninja hadn't touched earlier in the DDA. I resorted to placing an object with minimal overlap, and putting a bit of gold delay. Once again, this is a small DDA, and if you want to keep it going for a while gold delay is almost inevitable.
About the chainguns - I was hesitant at first, putting them into the map. However, experimenting with them, especially in the beginning of the DDA, I learned something very interesting that ensures that chainguns work every single time. Skeptics and others who would like to know the answer, feel free to PM me about it, as I'd rather not stuff more into this already long-winded description.
Near the beginning of the process of making this DDA, I learned something very interesting. If you press before playing the DDA, it will work every time. I'm not totally sure how often it goes wrong without pressing , but if it's consistently messing up, I suggest you press .
I will attach a demo with this map, a demo that I'm fairly sure works every time. This is useful, because I have a few favorite parts which I suggest you watch in frame by frame, and the easiest way to tell you where they are is to tell you the frames in which they happen. I suppose as this is already much too long, I'll post my favorite parts along with the demo, inside of the map.
The title is random, although the original tileset was called NaNotechnology.
So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Comments and ratings are very greatly appreciated. And I strongly suggest you watch my favorite parts in frame-by-frame. It really helps you see the proximity of the close-calls, and some of the cool mechanics of this DDA.
Edit: Oh, and I forgot to mention, this is user-levels friendly.

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395 rates

Feature for it!

Crazy still...

keep being crazy

yah this is nice

not the best dda ive seen but still a 5 from me :D

One word: PERFECT

It really impresses me that this map has around 380 ratings, 4 pages of comments and that the first post was in 2005 and these are in 2009.
Pure awesomeness.

This is underrated

Which says something, considering it's a dda.
At least to me.



"If you press before playing the DDA, it will work every time. I'm not totally sure how often it goes wrong without pressing , but if it's consistently messing up, I suggest you press ."

Interesting - the description used to say to press 1, but now it doesn't, at least for me, and the map hasn't been edited since I last checked it.
This is still as great as it was when I first watched it.


i keep dying, but up to there it's amazing.


I could see how it would be a DDA
but i died more than five times


WOW...What else is to say???? 5/5!


OMFG u r very good at makin dda's jeez so many guns and yet you dodge them. nice. 6/5 (if i could)
yep, that's about all really. 5

Get over yourself. This was made back in '05, ya know.

I 5'd it a while back, by the way. Awesome.




the fuck. I've actually died at different places??

The Fuck.





no comment but it is cool


Now this is what i call an ingenious dda. 5/5
It's not very original.


my guy doesn't survive :(
U r an absolute legend!!! sorry clifty, but this guy just knocked u off!!!
And this DDA is friggin awesome! You kind of complained too much and underestimated yourself. But then again... I kinda stink at this game... 5/5



Scythe, I suppose you're right. I guess not even I have time to read my own description. :)

*kicks nevermore*

nevermore wrote:
I wasn't able to include normal door propulsion, because when I put a door in, it would cause one of the enemies to lose track of the ninja, thus messing up the DDA

Hmmm... something tells me you *did* know about normal door propulsion when you made this.


I want to join this religion too

You are my new god. I hope you're happy! 5 outta da 5 and in mah favorites.


THIS is the type of stuff that makes my favorites list.

It would be like 15,000,000,000,000/5 if it could go that high. -___-
the door switch is NaN'd, but for efforts and looks, and because it WOULD work witht he switch, 5/5
if only this dda was as long as your description...


lots of close calls, too many to count. I love your DDAs. Also, thank you for the endless description (no offence)


5/5 + fav - amazingly crazy

I like it a lot!

Well I like a DDA that is like that,pretty crazy,N dodging everything...



how long did it take to make your description, someone might have said this but it take to long to read them all