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Apparently my name is Spoof! I will not be on as frequently because of a tough semester of school, but ill poke my head in here every once in a while :D

I try to be unique with my maps however i can, but i am open to all comments and critiques that could help me design better or become more noticeable. So halla!

Here's some of my better maps, i think..

Roll the Ball []

Cellophane []

Follow and Feel []

Chasing Suns [] Is too much going on in this map? The circles of mines, tiles, gold?

Shuffle []

Experience []

If you comment on two of my maps around the same time, I will comment on two of your maps for you. I'll put in as much effort as you put in for me as well. Like i said, im not on all the time, so it might take a little time to respond. Anyway, enjoy my maps!!

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