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Anyone can use my tilesets as long as they credit me in the description and send me a link.

Random stuff about me:

1. I hate peanut butter
2. I love Pizza
3. My name does not start with W
4. I hate anything that has to do with cheese.
5. Fact #4 was a lie.
7. This fact is not true.
8. I skipped fact #6.
9. I have nothing to say for #9.
10. I am writing this on my ipod touch.


1. Wen Peepl spel stuf rong al thu tyme
2. Me is hated it when people use bad grammar.
3. Hypocrites.

Things in maps i HATE:

1. Stupid titles
2. Bad tiles
3. Too much grouping
4. Unnecessary enemies

A list of my favorite foods:

1. Pizza!
2. Lasagna
3. Spaghetti
4. Burritos
5. Escargot
6. Just kidding.
6 1/2. Tacos

My favorite mappers: (I'll add more)

TheNding []
Chume14 []
Myself []
Be_Nspired []
Nphasis []

My Least favorite user:

rainnsan []

My least favorite level:

Here []

...and thats all about me!

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