Walpen Smith

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Author Guiseppi
Tags author:guiseppi rated test
Created 2005-11-05
Last Modified 2005-11-05
by 12 people.
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Description In this level you have to jump through the stuffamabobbersathingicalationatiacalisticicality. Have fun. I'm gonna post a demo, and if anyone beats it, i will give them 3 million dollars, trust me, you won't beat it, you might tie it, but you won't beat it.

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Tied the demo.

4aved. This is a great map to keep your jumping skills in shape.
Demo Data
woops, had caps lock on there.
Demo Data


jerk, lol
Your next map name has to be "Queefle Feefle"


i was sure, i was so sure... oh well.


i was sure, i was so sure... oh well.


i was sure, i was so sure... oh well.

and by the way

great job stl1234, i'm really impressed.


thx jiggerjaw and wellsj.

okay, stl1234

you actually want 3 million sand dollars? if you really want them, and you come find me, i'll give them to you.


and here's my demo
Demo Data


you should make this a puzzle. its really cool. i love it.


underestimating others n skills can be VERY dangerous...

There you go...

Be sure first, bet later.
By the way, $3M will be useful, I want my money.
Demo Data
but I fixed it no problemo

here it is

try to tie it.
Demo Data