Xs and Os

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Author Guiseppi
Tags author:guiseppi playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-10-29
Last Modified 2005-10-29
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description I think the tileset on this map is pretty cool. see if you can get all gold on this level. you can go for all gold, or u can go for speed, it's up to you. it\'s not too hard. i\'m gonna be submitting a demo fairly soon, but i don\'t think you will need it in order to figure it out. it can just serve as a goal for you to beat. as always, i love ratings, comments, suggestions, and demos. enjoy!
added laser drones (thanks wellsj)

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thx wellsj

thx everyone, this really got reviewed much better than i could have ever hoped. yay!


thanks for takin my suggestion. its really great.

thx guys

wow, i didn't know this would be so well recieved, cool.


You're getting way to good. You'll be in the top 20 before you know it bud.


i'm not going to rate this yet. i seriously think you could really spice this level up with a couple of lazer drones, or some other enemy. i didnt feel it was hard enough to be very enjoyable. its great though.

ill rate it if you change it :)


here's the demo, man, that's frustrating, the part where i died, i had done that before. but you can figure it out from there. good luck.
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