Earn Your Wings

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Author Guiseppi
Tags author:guiseppi bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-10-30
Last Modified 2005-10-30
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description I've always wanted to make a truly good jump puzzle, and now I think I have. I am actually very proud of myself for this map. This is a one shape style jump puzzle, like those of tktktk and Jiggerjaw12358. You really will have to earn your wings to complete this level. There is one really tough jump in this level that took me a while to get. All gold is pretty tough, but I guarantee everything is possible. I'll submit a demo after I finish up my stupid chores. Grr... shouldn't be too long. Anyways, ratings, comments, suggestions, and demos are always appreciated. I hope you like it!

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Its pretty dang hard to get an all gold demo on this level... 3.5/5

Thank you!

thanks MasterJmd, at least you have good sense. :)


here ya go... it's a completion demo, not all gold though. i hope others like it more than these three people who gave it a 3/5...
Demo Data

I gave it 4

Its nice :)

3/5 so far?

cmon ppl, at least bother to tell me what u don't like about it. is it too hard? what?