Roundabout 2

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Author Guiseppi
Tags author:guiseppi bitesized playable race rated
Created 2005-10-30
by 11 people.
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Description This is the second race map in the "Roundabout" series. The first one went over pretty well, so I thought I'd make another. I hope you find this one as good as the last one. I think it is fun, and it incorporates some really big jumps into it. The gold should show you how to do it, and i'm gonna submit a demo. Try to beat it :) Please rate, and post comments, demos, and suggestions, and enjoy.

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Sorta. I got the 1337 demo, didn't I?

thx royce

all types of constructive criticism are always appreciated.


So we DON'T want to go the proper way back, do we,V_Dude?

Hm... there was absolutely... NO challenge... and the gausses were pointless... You should do something about the path so people like me and V_Dude cant cheat like we did :P

Like the idea that the path works backwards as well though.
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cool, thx guys

i'm glad you like it. i'll try to make more like this. and thx for the demos, v_dude, lol.


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Faster all gold.
Demo Data

Wrong Demo

Here's the demo...
Demo Data


Demo Data


is some fun stuff. 4/5

Fun n easy

Good easy fun.


a perfect demo. here it is. ooh, someone already gave me a 4/5. thx whoever you are. i hope more of you like it that much. have fun.
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