Roundabout 3

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Author Guiseppi
Tags author:guiseppi bitesized playable race rated
Created 2005-11-05
Last Modified 2005-11-05
by 10 people.
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Description Yes!! My third "Roundabout" map is finally finished! I spent more time on this than I have on any other one of my maps. I had to playtest it and change stuff and playtest again, but I finally ended up with what I think is a good result. I made this map, and it was originally thought up by me, but Jiggerjaw12358 helped me with a few ideas. (Thanks, BREJUS.) Anyhoo, there's a part about half way through the level where you have to K the R A, it's tough, but if you go fast enough, you can do it. Please leave comments, suggestions, ratings, and demos, and HAVE FUN!

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Cheat Speed

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okay, matards

i fixed that one way thing by putting a mine there, and by the way, wellsj, i got that idea for the victory dance thing at the end from you, hope ya don't mind.

SUNK HUNK indeed

thx for the feedback and demos, guys, i hope the rating stays high.

Speed demo

that takes advantage of a one-way glitch.
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I like how much of our sketch was incorporated into the final product. Good race indeed, sunkhunk!


you might want to change this. you can kinda cheat it
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i messed up towards the end. fun nonetheless. its a high 4. i might give it a 4.5. it seemed kinda sloppy, but you had some great ideas. for an example, i loved the very bottom part with the mines. that was brilliant. also the KRA part was challenging.
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here it is people, it's not great, but it shows you how to do it. enjoy. and nice demo ianb, thx for submitting one.
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but I'm not sure where to go at the end. This is the result, anyway.
Demo Data