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Author exuberance
Tags author:exuberance concept conceptual dark night nreality rated
Created 2009-05-28
Last Modified 2009-05-28
by 16 people.
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Description REQUIRES NREALITY New concept ;)
Wait for the map to load. It shouldn't take more than a few second. It's loaded if everything is black except a white circle around you. (and you can see the switches)

You can use this concept all you want, just credit me by linking to this map :)

If you've played Lode Runner you may remember the series of levels in which you can only see the area of the level near you, and everything else is dark. That's what this is. You can only see the shadows of nearby enemies. Unfortunately, door switched are always visible, and become harder to see when near them, but the light around you is partly transparent so you can still see them. Not a big deal. The labrynth area makes good use of the mod. I might make a level based on that concept later.

If you want to try this yourself, be sure to put the object which follows the ninja to provide light (I used a gold-stealing drone which steals 0 gold. That's really the only object you can use) BEFORE every object except the ninja in your code.

EDIT: Unfortunately, doors are also automatically behind the drone that gives you light so you can't see them, which sucks. They are all in a line and you can always see if there are any switches left, so it's fairly obvious if you can get through or not. This also applies to one-ways, but there's only one of them.

How I Did It:
- Made a completely black background
- Made a black foreground to cover the tiles
- Set every used object's _color property to
- Made a greedy drone (that gives/takes 0 gold, so it actually does nothing) with a chase path such that it always follows you at speed 6. Then set it's _icon property to an image of a semi-transparent white circle.

The reason you need a greedy drone is becuase you need an object which normally moves (if you change the sprite of a normally stationary object, it's position won't update), and the greedy drone with 0 gold steeling is the only one which will not kill you or impede your movement.

Code for the light drone:

6^x,y,10,0,141,0^6,6,0^^,10,0,6,0,1! where x,y is the ninja's starting position. Again, place this AFTER the ninja, and BEFORE everything else!

Object mod for the light drone's image:

If you only want ONE light source in your map, theAdster suggested an easier way which also allows you to retain the colour of tiles and objects: instead of doing everything above (except the greedy drone), replace the greedy drone circle sprite with a giant (size of the room times 2) black block, with a transparent cutout in teh middle, and have that follow the ninja.

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Super creative!

...albeit a bit annoying with the greedy drone's constant dinging. Still, 5/5

Yeah, you can use anything here. A credit link to this map would be nice but it's not a big deal.



If anyone would like to use. Just credit Exuber.

Can we use these?
Force field drone with no radius
Alarm drone with no radius
Rotating Laser Drone with no laser length

Alarm seems optimal, as you probably wouldn't use it, but whatever.

I imagine a force field drone with a negative detect radius would work too instead of a greedy drone. I'm going to test that on my next map since I want 2 sizes of lights for different objects.


wow. just wow.

Escaped the labrynth! FOR FREEDO-*zap*
Demo Data

omg, I've been trying to make a map like this forever, its like that game I don't remember the name of I played alot when I was a kid. Anyways, map is way too hard for that concept, but nice execution!

Almost done my next darkness map. Finally got a good enough system for having the lights follow you, though it's still fairly hard. Had to take out a few drones. Now to make the foreground!

Demo Data


Gud concept but too hard.. i dont think u should use long distance enemies like laser or chainguns with such a concept since u cant plan for them here..

very cool

although, seeker drones aren't a good enemy choice for this type of level.

i guess laser drone

or chain gun drone can work as light source too if their firing time is set to be waiting forever?

Yeah, I'm working on a better map now which is pretty cool. Just got to get a good tile setup so the drones are not completely useless but also not impossibly hard.


just too hard for me.. lol :p
i could see a "cave" map working well with this though ;)


I tried something like this in the past and failed numerous times.

Great mod.

Love it.

I'm planning a map now where you have to lead seeker light drones to a part of the map where they get stuck. And you need them there because once you enter one part of the map, your light stops following you, and you need to rely on the lights you've 'rescued' to get past the top of the map. :) It's also going to actually have a less boring foreground with shilouetes of different shapes. This map was more of a test to see how well the concept works.

Amazing concept

The map was far too hard for me, especially the chaser drone room.

But I still think it's awesome.

Ooohhh. Yeah, that works great. Only problem is that if you want multiple light source (like if I wanted to add torches) it would be impossible that way. I was actually going to use that in a game (not an N map, an actual game) but I abandoned the idea because I wanted multiple light sources and this was back when I was using Game Maker, which (though it can now with addons) could not do that at the time. :(
- Black foreground to cover tiles
- Glitch drone set to follow at a ridiculous speed, image replaced with massive black slab with clear hole in middle, placed last so that it covers everything else.

If you want the switches on top, just paste them after.


How the heck did you get coloured enemies with a moving light?


Latest attempt: eaten by a grue (aka zap drone) just a few tiles away from escape the labrynth part of teh map <_<
IhateyouIhateyouIhateyouIhateyouIhateyou. I'll be back, Mr. Zappy! JUST YOU WAIT!
I'll PM you what I have currently if you want to have a nose.

If Unreality allows us to make use of Flash's masking tool, it would be possible to create a map like this without having everything the same colour. I'm not sure if that's possible to do or not though. Masking might only work for non-code-generated objects.

Hint for labrynth: All but 1 of the drones is set to surface follow and will not move beyond it's block. 1 of the drones, however is set to quasi-random and can mess you up if you're not carefull. There are, however, some safe spots (bottom-right is one).


Hard, but fun.
Except the ninja has a hat and a torch and is exploring a cave. ¬_¬
with all the blackness it's really hard.


Hint: you don't need to wait for the thwump to come back up to finish the top part. Just use the bounceblocks.


The Mod is GREAT. I`m able to do most Nraelity stuff (BAckgrounds, Drones, Playermods...) But tell ma how this is working, please.