Conic C-Sections

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Author exuberance
Tags action author:exuberance mapdraft mapdraft3 playable rockets unrated
Created 2009-05-10
Last Modified 2009-05-25
Map Data

Description It's a pun, you see?

For MAPDRAFT (round 3)

We got 8 packs this time and had to choose 4: 1 of each type

Packs in comments. (Stupid character limit)

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;'( died from falling :( so close to completion
Demo Data

h'uh. You can get the trapdoor switched pretty quickly using only the jump key.
Demo Data

little farther a little faster
Demo Data

Whups, forgot to attach demo
Demo Data

>_< FAIL!

Well, here's how to do the right side.

Also, the trick in the right side is gettign the rocket to circle around you and not blow up to early. It is POSSIBLE, but much harder to try to dodge the rocket on the highest trap door.

For the left side, you need to jump of the top of the vertical door. Getting on the right side first might make the jump easier.

I just realized this map is pretty similar to 96-1. I KNEW I saw something similar to it before but I couldn't figure out what.


Lol I like that you got your own pack. I really like how your map looks simple, but its challenging. I'll demo when I have a minute =S


when i did mine i used all 8

Packs I chose:
« It's Uphill All The Way... Except When Going Downhill - by Exüberance » (hey! I got my own pack ^_^)
Any combination of 60 slanted tiles .
Special Exception: if you have the INVERSION pack this round, you may instead use
40 slanted tiles and 20 E (D) tiles

« Homemade Ladder »
10 Trap Doors
5 Bounce Blocks
1 Thwump OR 2 Launch Pads

« Hurricane Fresh »
Up to 10 Bounce Blocks
2 Rockets
3 Gold
20 'E' Tiles
10 'One' Tiles

« Dynamic Entry! »
Your ninja must start partially behind a tile.

Packs I DIDN'T choose:
« Quality over Quantity »
X Tiles of your choice, where X is the total number of Tiles in your Booster pack.

« The Most Dangerous Game »
8 Thwumps
1 of any type of Drone
8 Thwumps OR 4 Launch pads
8 Thwumps OR 20 Mines
8 Thwumps OR 16 Oneway Platforms

« Star Trek - by brainstone »
1 Launchpad OR 1 Teleporter (= Edited Launchpad + One-Way/Normal Launchpad)
1 Launchpad OR 1 Teleporter
1 Launchpad OR 1 Telepoter
10 Normal Doors
10 Tiles of your choice

« I'm Quitting Numa, Bye Everyone » (Wait, I got that last time! I was considering choosing it again >:D)
Your submitted map's title must be the exact same as that of this rule. Remember that delisting a map before the end of the round makes it ineligible for this round's prizes.