Green Hill Zone

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Author exuberance
Tags author:exuberance image nreality objectmod playermod rated sonic
Created 2009-05-02
Last Modified 2009-05-02
by 25 people.
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The terrain is designed to resemble Green Hill Zone from the original sonic game! The mods:

Your ninja can no longer wallslide or walljump, but can now accelerate to rediculous speeds! You can go around the loop without jumping :)

Floorguards have reduced speed and now look like those ladybug robots.

Bounceblocks are stiffer and now resemble the bridges from Green Hill Zone.

Springs look like the springs from Sonic the Hedgehog (1) but no functional changes.

Thwumps are now those evil fish robots. They move faster and fall at the same speed they rise.

Rocket Launcher now looks like the hornet thingme from the original sonic and the rocket is much faster.

The floating platforms are one-ways so you can move through them from below to get ontop of them. To get ontop of the lowest one, you'll need to use the bridge (bounceblocks) since you can't quite jump high enough.

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Very good

Great use of images, 5/5




can anyone give a link to get NREALITY and some instructions...if anyone can, please put it as a comment on one of my maps...thanks!!!

Woo! Marble Zone [] is done!

If you can have moving door switches, I'll actually be able to do the final boss :D

I'm working on Marble Zone now (2nd level in Soinc the Hedgehog). I'm going to have to use object pathing and some illusions for this, but it will be worth it! I'm planning on doing every zone in the original Sonic, then posting it as a pack. :) This one was pretty cool, but I hope to improve further and use as many elements of the zones as possible while maintaining a balanced difficulty. I was there was a better Nreality editor, but I'm WAY to lazy and busy to make one. (never even finished my normal editor, heh)

White and grey work well. White is the best I think.

Good one

And yeah, I tried playing in olive, but man...


Better highscoring demo. AGD\4G
Demo Data


nice image map :)


I might just do that. Make 1 map per word in the original Sonic. I used to have that for Sega Genesis :D


Awesomeness! 5aved!


did something like this a while back, I can't be bothered to find it though.
Good job.


can definintly be expanded (different zones)

to bad n is only in a square box and u couldn't expand the level to the entire size of that zone, that would be amazing

i can never seem to learn how to completely use n-reality so it looks awsome 4/5 (could u help with reality so i can do stuff like this, it would be much appresiated)

really nice! great work

I wanted to replace the gold with rings, but gold doesn't get deleted. It simply plays an animation in which the last frame is empty and sets the gold as uncollectable. This means that (until Unreality improves upon the object graphic system) the rings stay there after you collect them which really messes with the game. Oh well.


This is awesome.

Faved. Faved. And faved again.

working on an AGD now. Got all but 1, then I died :(


Very very nice ;) 5aved^^


nice work :)
feels a little clunky at parts, but mainly its awesome :D

completion demo

forgot to mention you no longer die from falling either
Demo Data

forgot to mention: I got the sprites from here []

You may want to change your ninja colour if you can since it's slightly hard to see in the darker areas when using the default black.