The Heart of the Machine

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Author exuberance
Tags action agd author:exuberance playable thwump unrated
Created 2009-05-07
Last Modified 2009-05-07
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description There's a few way to get through the field of thwumps at the bottom. Some are slow and easier. Others are hard (or lucky) and fast.

To get an AGD, you must do ├╝ber1337mode (hard mode) and jump back up the twumps after getting the switch but before falling past the one-ways. It's hard to do, but falling down won't kill you unless you get up to high, so you can still complete it normally.

The original version of this map was a thwump field around all edges of the map, but it was rediculously hard. I'll make it later, but slightly easier :D

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demo of the bottom, right, and half of the top side. Oops
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interesting. It reminds me of my third map but yours is better. I really liked the left side, top, and inside but the left side and bottom side (left side especially) were just to hard for me lol. Still really interesting map. 4/5

That's what I get

for trying to be stylish :(
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