Strawberry Fields

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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray candy ccle coated explosion love rated
Created 2008-10-27
Last Modified 2008-10-27
by 9 people.
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Description I get high with a little help from my friends..

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the thwump its the best!

jesuz christ

i was just skimming maps and this song was stuck in my head and then i came upon this map im either psychic or we're brothers o_O


Good concept!

Death demo.

Demo Data
Great work.


The thwump part is really fun.

best use

of thwumps i've seen in a long time. genius.


I was just about to quote some more Beatles, but wasn't sure whether to follow the title or comment. :)

The thwump section is well orchestrated and rather clever, the rest of the map was a little flat after that, and sometimes the tileset enemy combos felt a little awkward, but that's being very critical. Great map. 4




loved the thwump (;

didn't think it was too tough, first part takes a little figuring out, unless you watch the demo of course, lol
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Demo please.