This is the Final Countdown

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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray map rated
Created 2008-10-21
Last Modified 2008-10-21
by 7 people.
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Description doodla doo-loo, doodla doo da dloo, doo da dloo doo, doo dla doo-doo-doo, dla doo!

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awesome drone paths... it took me a while to get it but its beautiful., great map.
fivefivefive :)
you made my day

Very nice.

Everything was perfectly placed. 5/5. Very well done.
they just sit there, laughing at me. Laughing at my torment, teasing me, telling me to try, just try, to get through that passage. it's theirs, theirs i tell you! those sentient eyes stare with a cold unfeeling malice, a pure malice toward me, my soul, the very CORE OF MY IMMORTAL BEING. GOD HOW I AM HAUNTED BY THOSE MACHINA STARES, I SEE THEM IN MY SLEEP, IN MY VERY WAKING HOURS! HOW CAN A MAN LIVE, BREATHE, EVEN FUNCTION LIKE THIS? OH HOW I WISH TO END IT ALL, BUT EVEN THEN THE HIDEOUS LAUGHTER WILL CONTINUE!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGHGHGHGGHGHHGHGHGHGHG


that upper part is hard. 4.
Demo Data
If so, please judge the rounds that were completed.


I hate you!