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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray rated simple
Created 2008-10-22
Last Modified 2008-10-22
by 10 people.
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Description Already wishing this map would get more attention then it is going to get..

I liked the way the Chaingun was sort of following you around..

I may not submit a whole lot of maps, as i'm actually going through the torture of beating N now. Started about 4 days ago, so far i've only gotten up to the golden flavoured ninja. :]

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oops I cheated again...on a different part :P

I have to say though, this is a top notch map, the cheatability just added to the fun for me: 5/5


I'd be happy to playtest for you too
See if there's any cheats :P
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didn't like

the bottom left thwump/gauss combo--kinda annoying. great chaingun use though.

nice tileset.

ps: 15 and in 11th grade?


I'll be glad to playtest. My contact stuff is on my profile info.:)


i honestly didn't think it was that hard, i tried to go for a more simple/minimalistic feel, blackson's review was sorta eye-opening and inspiring. I only playtested it a dozen times or so before submitting, and beat it the last 4 times with no problems.

if anybody wants to be a future playtester for me that'd be great, always in need of a few people i could just message at any time to check out a map for me.
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Nice map

It was fun and I loved the tiles. Good job. :]
but its a little bit hard for me to finish. im sorry your map isnt getting attention because it deserves it it's a good map. :) 4.5/5^


didn't like the floating floorguards. 4.
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I got to the door

accidentally w/out getting the switch. I like the gold placement and the overall feel to the map. A bit hard, and took a little long to get used to, but still fun. 4
BTW my maps could use some attention too.