JumpMan (Donkey Kong)

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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray donkey image-map jumpman kong mario rated
Created 2008-10-17
Last Modified 2008-10-20
by 28 people.
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Description - USE NREALITY -

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Before the days of collecting gold, and watching out for smart enemies. Lets go back into the past for some good, princess rescuing, barrel hopping fun.

Thats right, no gold.. sorry, but you'll just have to get to the princess before the time runs out.. what a bummer.

Due to the limitations of N, I tried to match the original as much as I could. Irritating at first, but you'll get a hold of it. It is quite difficult but there is a difficulty setting:
on the second and third ladder is where the difficulty setting stands, take the closest ladder for the most difficult, which has you climb the ladders, taking the second ladder will bring you to the easiest difficulty setting. Confused? Just play the level and you'll figure it out.

I hope you have fun with this and can appreciate the hard work put into it, notice all the little details. Took quite a long time to get all the mods, and the images down.

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i'm shocked i came back to this map a year after you published this level... yet i have no recollection of playing it. Okay, maybe a vaguest hint.


very tempted to feature this ;P
The black background makes him totally invisible.


but what the heck
Demo Data
is truly stunning 5

way to hit 150 in style

nreality.. all the demo's are for v1.4.. and thats way too easy

but but

it was really easy

Great map

Demo Data

@ lord_day

read the description: section of difficulty settings.. yea


It seems to have fixed itself.
Now it's working it's pretty damn fun.
One of the few Nreality maps I like..
very nice 4.

Awesome image

Gameplay was alright as well. Still great image.


like in the one feature (the helicopter one) you could mod the ninja to be mario if its possible lolz

Nice image.

But the gameplay was odd. Some of the ladders didn't work...

100% Good

so i didn't want to bother trying to figure those things out again, although most of those 'flaws' ran thru my mind, i just couldn't manage to get them done

Falling thru the tiles? uhh.. i dunno man, restart your comp or nreality, sometimes starting up nreality then loading it too fast won't load the mods right and stuff but i dunno..

Nice map!

Few things:
- Force a ninja colour change in future
- Map barrels images to the drones
- Map a fire image to the bottom one (overlap it with a rocky drone, say)
- You can make the exit invisible, so why not lift that up, so it is more easy to find?

Still a great finish, despite those minor 'flaws'. 4


I think I've broken N..
I'm using reality but I keep falling through the tiles, and the ladders are near impossble to climb..

Damnit, faved for later..

sweet job man

gameplay was alright
but the atmosphere was awesome.
Demo Data


Wow, the image is perfect. Perfect. Wow.


but its quite hard to jump, 4/5

@ Rambo5252

Just click the image of the running ninja on the peice of paper to the left of the map title
but i just activated my hypocrite laser.

i love it

Wow love it

5aved but i forgot how to favorite cause i nvr do so technically not faved yet (i will when someone tellz me how), lolz


has been done already, but if you didn't know that I won't hold it against you.
USE NREALITY.. or its really lame.. and quite easy, haha

holy crap yeah

this is amazing

faved for tomorrow

I like the concept except there is no rampaging monkey or princess...


love the images !!!
havn't finished it yet tho... very hard : P


I loved it! the idea is great! good old fashioned fun!!

Its my 150th map :] It was suppose to be my 100th, but I got terribly lazy.

- Enjoy!